Monday, September 1, 2008


We were tagged by the Bohmans, so here are the rules...

• Link the person(s) who tagged you.
• Mention the rules on your blog.
• Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
• Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.

This is a hard one, I don't know how to pinpoint our quirks, but I know we have them.

1. Jer takes a notebook and pen to church every week, but he doesn't take notes. No, he's constantly writing stories and coming up with new ideas. I'm sure people look at him sometimes and think, 'Wow, he must be really religious, taking notes and all,' but nope, that's not the case.
2. Jules has this thing about even numbers, though it used to be a million times worse when she was younger. Bites of food that she puts in her mouth have to be an even number, down to the amount on each side of her mouth (or each side has to at least get the same amount). Steps she takes usually have to end either in an even number, or each foot has to have stepped the same amount of steps. Weird, I know.
3. Jer talks in his sleep, usually early in the morning when Jules would get ready for work. It's always funny, and makes no sense, and always would startle Jules making her think something was wrong.4. Jules breaths loudly when she sleeps. No, it's not snoring, it's just loud breathing. The snoring only happens when she's stuffy. Back in college, her roommates heard this really loud breathing and they couldn't figure out where it was coming from, until they followed their ears up the stairs and into the room where Jules was napping, they all thought it was pretty funny.
5. Jer is crazy amazing with quotes from movies and music. When people have a question about who said this in what movie, or what song did these lyrics come from, Jer is usually who they go to for the answer because about 98% of the time, he'll know the answer. It's crazy.
6. Jules can't snap her fingers. No matter how many times or how many people try to 'teach' her how, she still can't do it. The only noise that she makes is like a muffled/whispery sound of a snap.

So those are our I tag the McGuires, the Crossleys, the Arthurs, the Loughmillers, Becky, and T&D Johnson!

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Logan and Emily said...

Nice work! I didn't know you couldn't snap your fingers. That's funny! And I love Jer's quoting ability!