Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling Blessed, but Seriously Stressed

Most of you know (thanks to Facebook) that Jer lost his job nearly 2 weeks ago. It was SO unexpected and out of nowhere that we were feeling pretty shocked. It has been a hard past 2 weeks. I've had to learn to not worry too much because I can tell the baby doesn't like it. The day he was let go I had some contractions and they freaked me out a little (even though I know they're normal-but when they're induced by stress, that can't be a good thing). Jer has felt this is something he's needing to go through and learn from. He's gone to workshops and seminars, and has learned a lot and has been sprucing up his resume and a blog he put together to show what he can do with graphic stuff (Click to see his Portfolio and Marketing blogs. Pass them along to anyone you think can help.)
In the midst of this situation we've felt pretty lucky though. Lucky that the car accident happened in Nov, he wasn't hurt and we got a decent amount of money from it. That money was going towards our house fund, but we think now that it'll come in handy with helping us get by until Jer gets a job. We're also lucky that we have the internet, and within minutes of posting on our status' that Jer was out of a job, we both had tons of responses in our inboxes and in comments. Our neighbors have given him leads and offered help, even passed his resume along. We're lucky I still have a job, and that I can do it from home (though it won't cover our expenses, it's still something).
So in the midst of this trial, we know things could be much much worse and we're counting our blessings.
Now I just need to learn to stop stressing that we still have everything left to get for the baby except clothes.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and help with the job hunt, we are so blessed to know you.