Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day Party

Just about every year, Jer's parents have a party for the 24th. Food, fun, friends, family, swimming....all that good stuff. If any of you have seen any of the pictures from when we got engaged, my arm is wrapped in an ace bandage because of the 'fun' we were having at the 24th of July party in 2005.
This year we invited some friends (one of Jer's old friends and his wife and one of his younger brothers) and we had a good time. The guys did a Scottish pole toss, and everyone joined in the gunny-sack races. We tried a 3-legged race, but Jer and I lost horribly. I'm pretty sure I've never gunny-sack raced before, I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying! Mike and Ashley were pretty good at it though, maybe they should go pro? The boys had so much fun they had to race twice, so I was able to get some video of that:

After some swimming we enjoyed us some burgers and salads, and you can't forget the dessert. All in all it was a good day, even if I had to work and Jer got to have the day off.
Thank you Pioneers for giving us another GREAT reason to party in the summer!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lake Powell Trip '09

We went to Lake Powell last week, and had so much fun. It's amazing to me how much work goes into a trip like this though, especially grocery shopping for 18 people!
We spent most of the time lounging around, working on our 'tans' (or at least getting rid of the tan lines):Looking at the beautiful scenery,

(I love the clouds in this one):

Rode the jet ski:
And went down the slide:
Jer jumped off the boat, but we don't have a picture of that. I didn't post a lot of pictures because they all seem pretty similar, so this is what you get. We had a great time, it was a nice break from life.

Monday, July 6, 2009


July 3rd we went to Oakley for the annual rodeo, it was pretty fun, and there were some crazy animals. One of the horses tried to climb out of the stalls before anyone was even on it, it was funny to see everyone's reaction to that.
Jer took some pics of the action, so here they are....
And of course we can't forget the fireworks, though it was a shorter show this year.....
If you look closely, you can see a smiley face made out of fireworks in the top of this next picture

We're so grateful for our freedoms and all that our country's service men and women do for us, they sacrifice so much. Jer hates the song, but we really are Proud to be Americans, "where at least we know we're free", even when the world and economy are crazy, we still have our freedom!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, we don't have a lot going on at the moment, and like we always tell people, we lead a pretty boring life, but here's a little of what's been going on and our plans for July.
Jer and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house, and then I got to go again with the youth. It's a beautiful temple, and I'm excited to go when it's dedicated because my parents will be temple workers in it. Here's a picture of the angel Moroni since being hit by lightning, it's so crazy to see up close in person...

Lately I've been pretty down, I think it's a mixture of the weather, not having much to look forward to, and being disappointed every month. Hopefully I can pull out of it soon. My hormone pills need to be changed because of some scary side-effects they were giving me (besides all the symptoms of being pregnant, even though I'm not), so hopefully that can help too.
We do have some things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks though, and we're pretty excited about them. I'll be sure to post some pictures (if we have any of interest) when we get back. This weekend we'll be going to Oakley for the rodeo, we'll stay overnight Friday and come back for fireworks at Jer's parent's house. The rodeo is always entertaining, and if the animals aren't enough, we're always on the look out to find the most interesting looking people that show up with their mullets, etc.
Next weekend we're doing a youth conference type activity for the youth in our ward. Since most of them aren't old enough to do the actual Youth Conference, we decided to do something special for them. One of the big things we'll be doing is go up to Salt Lake to see some sights and have them learn some Church history, it'll be fun.
Right after Youth Conference, we'll be headed to Lake Powell with Jer's family. I'm so excited, I've been needing a break from things for awhile, so hopefully I can get some relaxing in and not burn to a crisp.

Jer got me some planters awhile back, and we bought some flowers for Mother's Day, so now they're hanging off our balcony. I went out to water them one day (awhile back before all the rain) and this is what was there...I was surprised it let me get so close . I really do love this picture though, I'm considering printing and framing it and hanging it up somewhere.