Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pioneer Day Party

Just about every year, Jer's parents have a party for the 24th. Food, fun, friends, family, swimming....all that good stuff. If any of you have seen any of the pictures from when we got engaged, my arm is wrapped in an ace bandage because of the 'fun' we were having at the 24th of July party in 2005.
This year we invited some friends (one of Jer's old friends and his wife and one of his younger brothers) and we had a good time. The guys did a Scottish pole toss, and everyone joined in the gunny-sack races. We tried a 3-legged race, but Jer and I lost horribly. I'm pretty sure I've never gunny-sack raced before, I'm sure I looked ridiculous trying! Mike and Ashley were pretty good at it though, maybe they should go pro? The boys had so much fun they had to race twice, so I was able to get some video of that:

After some swimming we enjoyed us some burgers and salads, and you can't forget the dessert. All in all it was a good day, even if I had to work and Jer got to have the day off.
Thank you Pioneers for giving us another GREAT reason to party in the summer!


Erin said...

Haha! That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you didn't have to have an ace bandage on this time!!

Natalie Kay said...

Sounds like a fun 24th! Bummer that you had to work though.

Ashley said...

I LOVE that you guys did 3 legged races. How fun!