Monday, July 20, 2009

Lake Powell Trip '09

We went to Lake Powell last week, and had so much fun. It's amazing to me how much work goes into a trip like this though, especially grocery shopping for 18 people!
We spent most of the time lounging around, working on our 'tans' (or at least getting rid of the tan lines):Looking at the beautiful scenery,

(I love the clouds in this one):

Rode the jet ski:
And went down the slide:
Jer jumped off the boat, but we don't have a picture of that. I didn't post a lot of pictures because they all seem pretty similar, so this is what you get. We had a great time, it was a nice break from life.


Ashley and Mikkel said...

so jealous! take me with you next time!

Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

It was fun. although I'm pretty sure Jer's awesome white "shirt" didn't improve much:). I think it's going to take more than a week in Powell to even that out!

Kimberlyn said...

Looks like fun!!! I wish our family would go to Powell, but they are anti camping. Lamers.

Travis and Camille said...

sounds like fun. wish we could take a break like this.

Logan and Emily said...

It is possible that Jer has the most incredible tan line i have ever seen. holy crap. I wish we could have seen you there! that would have been so funny!