Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just a quick fyi, Jer and I each have our own 'hobby' blogs if you'd like to check them out.
The names are self-explanatory:
Jer's ADHD Thoughts
The Bakery Hopper's Blog
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stats and such

Here are Ella's stats from her 1 year check-up.

Height: 27.8" (might as well just say 28)
Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz.
Head: 17.3"

She's small, but the Dr. says she's growing fine. She has, and I quote, "the little toddler belly" and she's proportionate, just petite. I have friends and family with babies younger than her who weigh more than our little miss, but as long as she's healthy, I'm not concerned. She's just right for her own self.

She now has 4 teeth on the bottom (2 of which just popped up today) and 4 coming in on the top. Poor girl has been super fussy lately, but I can't blame her!
She's gotten more cuddly lately, probably due to teething and vaccinations, but I love it.
She grabs her stuffed kitty, holds it to her mouth (like she's kissing it) then sets it back down, it's so cute.
She likes to take her socks and pants off during her afternoon naptime. She'll undo the teething cover I have on her crib too. Once she even took her diaper off and tossed it out of the crib (and didn't have an 'accident' w/o it on).
Her hugs are THE BEST! I love feeling those squishy little arms on my neck.
She loves free-standing, though she loses her nerve when she starts leaning forward so she plops down and crawls instead of walking.
She's still shy around stairs, I try working with her on it every day, but she has no interest in them.
She loves when daddy gets home from work. As soon as she hears the garage door she looks toward the back door waiting for him to walk in. They're so cute to watch.