Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Dark Knight & Crappy AC

Julianna hasn't posted anything for a week or two so I thought I'd add something of my own. The last couple weeks have sucked as far as our AC goes. Last summer, our AC decided to not work. When I say not work, I mean it was blowing out air, but not cold air. It was the oddest thing. I would check the air filter and it was fine. I know as much about AC units as the next ignorant guy and so I would look at the compressor and pretend that my staring would somehow teach me all I need to know about AC and what makes it work and not work. Anyway, we would tell people about our "problem" and the first thing they would all ask is, "have you changed your filter?" That's a standard test, but unfortunately a completely clean air filter will not filter the cold air from coming through the air vents while letting the other air pass through freely. Our AC went out during the hottest week of the summer and when we called the guy to come look at it, he did the convenient thing and came a week later, at which time the AC was working fine. That's actually what he said too, "You're AC is working fine. There's nothing wrong with it." I wanted to say, "well it is now, but I actually called you last week when it wasn't working." he went on his merry way and eventually our AC started working. This summer, we were dealing with the same problem and called another AC guy that we actually trust. He came out and ran a bunch of tests and actually spent a good 30 minutes checking various things and then gave us his best diagnosis. We needed a new compressor which was still under warranty, but he would charge us for labor. The funny thing is that if the guy fixed it last summer when EVERYTHING was still under warranty, we would have saved $789. I have secretly wished upon a star that the guy hired from the builder to install it and service our AC unit will have eternal problems with his own AC unit. And his problems will involve WAY more than the air filter.

In other news Julianna and I went to see The Dark Knight one night and we both enjoyed it. Usually visible makeup on guys gives me the heebidy jeebies, but the Joker's makeup was very attractive...for a psycho! I actually wanted to see it on the IMAX and so I did just that on Tuesday night. It's been a long time since I saw a movie twice in the theater and liked it just as much the second time; it didn't work for Transformers. I also got to see Julianna's celebrity crush, Christian Bale, for the second time. Quite the leading man. By the way, it's been out for only 3 weeks and has cracked the top 10 movies of all time.


Erin said...

That stinks about your AC. I'm glad the second guy really took the time and effort to diagnose the problem!

Joanna said...

I am sorry about your ac that is crappy. Good for going after it a second time and getting it fixed. We saw the dark night when it opened at 12:30 am it was crazy and then Chris went and saw it two more times that weekend, crazy kid.

Lindsay Christensen said...

Hey, I found your blog through Facebook... I hope you don't mind that I come back every now and then to see what you are up to.

I hate House problems!! We are having similar issues with a dishwasher. I am so mad I refuse to buy the part that could have and SHOULD have been replaced while under warranty... But, I can survive without a dishwasher.... A/C is not something I can part with. I think I am with you on fixing it.

Logan and Emily said...

We tagged you on our blog! I can't wait to see what you put!