Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Birthday Post

I've seen other people do this, so I thought I would too.
Today is Jer's birthday. That's right, on September 11, 1980, Jeremiah Virgil Thorne was brought into this world. Here are some of the things that make him him and so lovable.

1. He's good looking, I mean just look at him!

2. He loves me and puts up with me, which isn't always easy.

3. He's a hard worker and puts his full effort into things when he's put his mind to it.

4. He loves kids.

5. He's understanding.

6. He's generous.

7. He takes good care of our little family.

8. He has great taste in music and is always finding new, cool bands.

9. He's incredibly creative.

10. He's like a little kid in so many ways-it's endearing and sweet (not at all bad, don't take it that way).

11. He's handy to have around the house. He fixed our toilets when they were having issues.

12. He knows lines and lyrics like you wouldn't believe.

13. He's in good shape, and works to keep himself that way.

14. He's fun to be with.

15. He's funny and can always make me laugh or smile.

16. He's adventurous.

17. He's easy to talk to.

18. He likes driving, even in bad weather(unless it's so bad you can't see), so I basically have my own personal chauffeur.

19. He has nice hair-he won't be going bald any time soon!

20. He's good at calming me down.

21. He's helpful.

22. He's easy to get along with.

23. He's very random, which makes life really interesting.

24. He does what he can to make me happy.

25. He has good taste in clothes (most of the time).

26. He has a good heart.

27. He's really good with words. Some of the things he writes blow me away.

28. He's the most wonderful guy I've ever met (which is why I married him).

I love you Jer, I can't wait for 70 more of these (give or take)!


Joanna said...

What a cute idea, those are all wonderful things. Happy Birthday Jer!!!

Alisha said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy!! Aaron says that there is nothing wrong with going bald...But I hope it never happens to you!

Ben and Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Jeremy! We hope it was a good one!

Ashley and Mikkel said...

oh how sweet! well we hope you had a great birthday!!

Logan and Emily said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to Jer! We think he's awesome too!

Kip and Lindsay said...

Hey Jer and Jules! It has been a while. Kip said that he saw Jew at the Bingham game, which reminded us that we haven't hung out in a while. How are things with you? What's new?

Adiel said...

I've never seen this done, how fun!

Amber said...

Julianna, can you send me an email?