Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catch up

So much has happened and I haven't done any blogging :( And now I'm finally getting around to it :) In October we went on a family vacation with Jer's family. We headed down to San Diego to check out the Zoo, Legoland and SeaWorld and had SO much fun! We also stopped at the La Jolla Sprinkles Cupcakes, and the San Diego Temple (my favorite of all the temples, but I've never been able to see in person until now!) While we were there, we had our 6th anniversary. We weren't able to celebrate til a couple weeks after we got home though (Ella had her first sleepover while we went to dinner, a movie, and out for dessert). The Zoo was HUGE, we walked over 5 miles that day checking out all the awesome animals!
Hey, it's Rafiki from "The Lion King"!
She wasn't too thrilled about this photo op!
I thought this was a kind of fox, but it's not. It's a panda! The coloring is so pretty!
I could watch the gorillas (and monkeys and orangutans) all day, they're so fascinating!
On to Legoland!
They had a lot of rules and were SUPER strict about a lot of them (like if a kid was barely a centimeter too short for a ride, they couldn't go on it). The ride that we went on here they wouldn't let 2 adults ride together, and Ella was too little to go on it (which seemed odd, I mean I have a lap and there was plenty of room next to me). So we waited in line for awhile to find out we couldn't even ride together. I suggest skipping most of the rides here and just checking out all the cool Lego creations instead!
Sleeping Beauty in the Fairytale Land ride
Yay for Hagrid and Harry Potter!
This was awesome. They had the car frame underneath and built the Legos around it!
What's San Francisco without a little homage to "Full House"?
I'm not big into Star Wars, but they had a whole section full of scenes from the movies, pretty cool for fans of them. HAD to post this video of Ella fighting sleep, so cute!
On to SeaWorld!
So crazy how the glass and water can distort how you see things, the dolphin's head is above the water and to the right of it's body!
One of these is not like the other. Cool fact about starfish: If they lose a 'leg', sometimes when it regenerates, 2 grow back instead of one!
Being silly at the hotel
At the BEAUTIFUL temple!
Ella was making sure she was clear on the safety protocol! Phew, that's a lot of pictures! I'll post soon about the holidays. Hope you have a WONDERFUL December!

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Looks like SO much fun! I wanna go there someday!