Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Happenings 2011

I had the urge to write in the blog, but I didn't really want to just go over our Christmas activities. But since that's all I can think of, that's what I'll do (I'm not too original). December is usually such a busy month, this year was no different. We even had to skip ice skating with Jer's family (which we've never missed) because my family party was already planned. We went ice skating and to a big party with some of our friends. (me, Meredith, Lisa)
(Jer (has a mustache because of a work thing, we know it's creepy looking!), Dave, Matt)
(me, Ashley, Sexy Santa, Lisa, Meredith)
I went to see one of our friends in "The Nutcracker", it was my very first time seeing it! So cute! (me, Ashley, Lisa)
We had other friends come in town that we haven't seen in awhile and got to spend time with them. We got yummy goodies from neighbors, and gave out cute magnetic list paper (because it doesn't make you gain weight). With Jer's family, we had a Polar Express party, which was fun as usual. Along with watching part of the movie, having hot cocoa, and a sock/snowball fight, the kids also got to decorate their grandparents as Christmas trees. They were good sports and the kids had a good time with it. (Don't tell that I posted the pic!)
We also had a visit from Auntie Claus, but we didn't have our camera :( We got a cool melon cutter, and Ella got some activity packets and toys, and a cute little outfit. My family Christmas party included yummy food (everyone brought something healthy this year!), singing, chatting, games, white elephant exchange, and the live nativity. It's crazy how many kids there are now that all us cousins are getting married and having kids of our own.
Christmas Eve was the annual party at Jer's aunt's house. We had yummy food, a white elephant exchange, and a visit from Santa!
Christmas morning we opened presents and went to church. Ella loved the kitchen Santa brought her!
For New Year's, we made plans with some of our friends. We went to Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Pointe for dinner (yum). (Matt, Meredith, me, Jer, Mike, Ashley, Lisa, Dave)
After dinner we went to our friend's house where I made warm melting cakes. (not sure what Jer's laughing at here)
We played a game, chatted, had a countdown, and drank sparkling cider. It was such a fun night spent with some fun people. And I forgot to mention, one of my friends gave Ella her very first haircut a couple days before Christmas. I don't know if you can tell, but it's pretty shaggy in some of the pics from before the cut. She has bangs now and she's looking so much more like a little girl.

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