Monday, December 7, 2009

Car Accident, Thanksgiving, Gingerbread Houses, and Disneyland

A lot has been happening since my last post, and since I've been slacking I'm squishing it all into one post. Sorry it's gonna be a super long one!

First, the car accident which happened about 3 1/2 weeks ago. Luckily I wasn't in it and luckily Jer wasn't hurt, and luckily it was the blue car, which is paid off and not as nice as our other car. He was on the freeway, traffic was bad and he had stopped. A semi (without a load) didn't slow down fast enough and ran into him, pushing him into the suv in front of him. The semi driver didn't want Jer to call the police and said we could just take care of the damage on our own-yeah right! I was a mess when he called to tell me what happened. Crazily enough, he was able to drive the car home. The other insurance was ridiculous and slow about everything (of course). We finally found out where to take the car, and the day after Thanksgiving we were planning on taking it in, but it wouldn't start-we're assuming the battery died because the trunk can't latch anymore. We were going to jump-start it, but the hood was too crunched to have access to the battery. Long story short, the car was towed last Monday and we FINALLY got a rental car. Right after we landed in California for our trip just 2 days after getting the rental, Jer checked his messages to find out that our insurance has decided the car is totalled. So, we're planning on trying to be a 1 car household. It'll be tough sometimes, but won't be too bad, especially since Jer carpools most days to work.

Amidst the car drama, we had a great Thanksgiving with my family. After making yams my very first time, I've been appointed to the yams every year we're with my family....hopefully my beginner's luck will hold out. The Sunday after Thanksgiving we had our usual family dinner with Jer's family and decorated gingerbread houses. Jer and I shared one, and although it's not perfect, I think it still turned out cute-ish. Here's the before and after shots:

Now for Disneyland. I've never been there during the holiday season and it's SO pretty and extra magical there with all the decorations and lights! I loved it. When we got home I was kind of sad because besides the gingerbread house, we haven't decorated yet!
We flew into Long Beach Wed night and got to the hotel, which was within walking distance of Disneyland! We could even hear the fireworks going shortly after we settled into our room.
Our first day we split between California Adventure and Disneyland, the 2nd day we were in Disneyland all day, and our last day we split again. I think my favorite rides (that I was able to actually go on) were the interactive ones-the Toy Story 2 Midway Games in California Adventure and the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland. I was a little disappointed I couldn't go on a lot of the rides, but it was still a really fun trip, and at least I didn't have to stay off the rides alone since Jer's mom doesn't like a lot of the 'scarier' rides and one of my sisters-in-law is pregnant too.

This is a video of some of the fireworks, I think it was my favorite section because of how they choreographed them to the Nutcracker Suite...

We had so much fun in Disneyland and just got back yesterday in the early afternoon. I think I'll need a few days to recover though, I don't think my poor feet and hips will ever be the same, I'm still super exhausted from it all!

For your viewing pleasure, here's a better picture of my pregnant belly when I was about 22 1/2 weeks since you can't really see it too well in the other pics....


Chris and Joanna said...

I get to make the first comment, I am so cool!!! I am so sorry about the suzuki forenza, I will miss that cute little car with the S on the back, but not as much as the red car. :) Your gingerbread house looks cute, probably better than I could do. I am so jealous you got to go to disneyland, it looks like you guys had so much fun. Someday we will go. Your prego picture is adorable, I need to see you in person though. Anyways I will stop going, Love YOU!!!

Tiffany said...

Glad you guys had a fantastic trip! And I'm glad that you also got everything figured out with the car situation. Good luck being a one car family! We've tried, and it failed for us! Haha! BUt that was also because Kyle has to leave for work at 4:45 every morning! Yuck!

Becky said...

Seriously? EVERY TIME I think about you being pregnant I just have to smile. It's complete and pure evidence to me that Heavenly Father grants the righteous desires of the heart. I love you guys and I'm so excited for ya'll to be parents. May our loving Heavenly Father continue to watch over and bless your cute family! :)

jennifer arthur said...

Oh your little belly is so cute! You're tiny! We're so excited for you guys!