Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok, so here's the deal: Jer and I went to Hawaii last week with almost his whole family, the problem is is that we are horrible at actually getting many shots of us on trips we take, we usually stick to taking lots of pictures of the kids and the scenery. We're doing better, but this trip we actually ended up taking WAY less pictures of everything, so you'll just have to deal with what I post.
When we left Salt Lake it was snowing, so that made us extra excited to get to Hawaii and enjoy the warm weather. We arrived on Maui on Sun. Oct 12 at night, and boy were we exhausted from our flight-although it was the best one so far. There were screens on the backs of all the seats and we could pick just about anything from the menu to watch for free. It was awesome!
So after gathering all our luggage, getting the rental cars, and picking up some groceries, we went to the hotel. It's the Marriott Maui Ocean Club (I think), and it's beautiful there. We made some sandwiches and then crashed. The only problem is is that just about everyone was waking up around 3 or 4 am because of the time difference (4 hrs behind us), so it was hard to sleep in (not counting Jer, he is a master at sleeping in).
I won't bore you with the details of each day, so I'll summarize instead. Every day we basically would hang out at the pool, then go to the beach, or vice versa. Then at night we'd go somewhere different for dinner. One night we went to Whaler's Village and saw a free hula show after dinner, another we went to a luau, etc. A few of the days we went to beaches away from the hotel so we could either snorkel, or watch surfers. My favorite part was riding/jumping in the waves, it's so much fun I could do it for hours!
Jer and my last day was a day before almost all the rest of the family, so we went and watched surfers, ate at a yummy organic pizza place (Flatbread in Paia), and headed to the airport with his sister and her family (they had to get back early). We were sad to leave before everyone else, but at the same time we got a head start on the long ride home, and this time we didn't even get the screens :( It was actually a really rough ride home because we were on the emergency exit row, and the seats don't go back AT ALL, and did I mention this is like a 5 hr flight and it was the red-eye? All of this equals exhaustion.
We finally made it back to Salt Lake at about 8:45 am (we stopped in LA both ways), and my wonderful brother, Rich, came and picked us up. It was sorta surreal to be home, but so nice at the same time. Once we got home Jer went to bed, and I unpacked and started some laundry, then took a lovely nap myself. The bed at the hotel was nice, but there's nothing like your own, and it was heavenly.
So, that was our trip, and now here are some pictures.
Don't mind how shiny I am in them, my skin has issues with humidity.

This was on the way to the luau
This was after the luau
Beautiful Hawaiian sunset

Us with the diminishing Hawaiian sunset

Hanging out with the fam watching the surfers. Notice my awesome fashion statement of glasses under my sunglasses.
These are just some of the many surfers that were out. It was a wonder they weren't running each other over there were so many.
This guy brought his dog surfing with him, it was so cute and fun to watch!
And since Jer is so on top of things, he recorded the dog surfing for your viewing pleasure...


Lee and Marie said...

Good heck! How often do you go to Hawaii? 2 times a year plus??? LUCKY! I'm totally jealous, I really want to go! We should go on a trip together you two! I'll be excited to see your coming pictures... Yes we totally play cribbage... it is an older game but Lee's dad taught it to him a long time ago, its one of their fun favorite things to do together and I really enjoy it too! I'm the only one that beats him consistantly though! LOL! Maybe you and I will have to give it a go and see who's the MASTER! ;) Happy Friday!

Josh and Erika Thorne Family said...

I love that you got video of that cute dog surfing! I love the sunset pic, good job!

Logan and Emily said...

cool! I LOVE the sunset picture! i wish we could go to hawaii with you guys.