Friday, October 10, 2008

Ever wonder....

....what you'd look like way back when?
Well, Jer and I don't need to wonder anymore. I took this off of Lindsay's post, I thought it was too fun and cute, so I had to do it myself: I "Yearbooked" myself and Jer, enjoy!
Here I am in 1952:
I almost look like I belong in this hairstyle!

Here's Jer in 1952:
Only slightly goofy looking, I guess.

Here I am in 1966:
If it weren't for my hair's lack of body, I might be trying to pull this look off today,
too bad for all of you to miss out on such a sight! (j/k)

Here's Jer in 1976:
I must say, he looks P.H.A.T. (pretty hot and tempting),
especially in that turtleneck and hairstyle!
Here I am in 1994:
I guess I should feel lucky I hid all my 'real' pictures of me w/a perm from when I was younger!

and, last but not least,
here's Jer in 1990:
This makes me really glad that Jer doesn't have blond hair!

You can go try this out for yourself HERE, but I'm gonna warn ya, it'll suck up your time because you get so into it! Have fun!


Lindsay said...

ha ha! So funny! I am so glad you liked my post enouigh to try it out on yourselves!

Alisha said...

That is hillarious!! I am totally checking it out!!

Anonymous said...

that was really fun to look at possible old pictures. All I have to do is look at my moms old pictures. Everybody says that I look alot like my mom.

Ashley and Mikkel said...

That is so funny! Jer should grow his hair out into a mullet!! That look is good on him!!

Annie Atkin Rasmussen said...

1952 sure was a good year for you, Jules!

Joanna said...

I love all your looks, you guys look hot!! The last picture of Jer looks horrible on him though.

Logan and Emily said...

That is the best blog post I have EVER seen!

Travis and Camille said...

these are funny jul, i love 'em

Lee and Marie said...

You're too cute Julianna! Yeah - the puppy, we have been told, is hypoallergenic because she has hair instead of furr. Lee and I both have allergies to pets - Lee is worse than I am and we haven't had any problems with her! She's been lots of fun! We need to play! Let's figure out a time to do dinner/games again soon!!! SERIOUSLY! How are you doing? Anything new with you guys? Happy Thursday :) Marie

Becky said...

Love the pics, love your blog, love you!