Thursday, October 2, 2008


When I post, I always seem to forget something, so I had to post again today.
Jer and I went to the Gilgal Gardens yesterday. I've been there before, and over the weekend we tried to see it, but it got too dark too fast, so we had to go back. That place is crazy by the way, very different art-work, etc. Plus, you get really hungry walking around because it's right by the Wonder bakery, so you're smelling yeast and bread baking, and it almost drives you crazy. I guess most of the statues/art have something to do with different scriptures, and LDS beliefs. This type of art isn't really my style, in fact it sorta creeps me out (especially when it's dark), but here are some of the pictures we took and what they're named....Captain of the Lord's Host

The Sphinx

The Monument to the Trade

The Monument to the Priesthood

Daniel II: King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

There are a lot more sculptures in the garden than I posted here, and the story behind them about the artist is actually pretty interesting. You can see and read more at the website if you click HERE.

After checking out Gilgal, we went to the Gateway to the Apple store, then Office Max, then to Old Navy. This was a big sacrifice for Jer, mostly because he doesn't like Old Navy (not sure why, too preppy for him?). I got some new jeans and some REALLY cute tops. Thanks Jer for letting me shop and for going with me and enduring without complaining! He's so great!
That's all for now.


Joanna said...

I have never heard of that place before but it looks interesting. You went shopping lucky!!! I bet you got a lot of cute stuff and good job for jer enduring through it all.

George and David said...

I have never been to that plae in the daylight...we always snuck in after dark...and the stories/rumor are creepy but cool!! Have you ever been to gravity hill? If not hae JEr take you there..if it still exists!

Logan and Emily said...

where is that place? and way on being there in the dark. I just got some new jeans at old navy too! LOVE them! Miss you!

Lindsay Christensen said...

hmmm.... you're right. kinda creepy. Where is that place anyway? I haven't even heard of it before now.

Amber said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun, I'm jealous!