Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Yard II

And here are the afters! Beautiful lawn with a crab apple tree in the front, along with day lilies, dogwoods, rocks, and some other bushes. The back has lilacs, I'm so excited for them to bloom (in the spring I'm guessing?). Hopefully we'll be able to getting around to planting a vegetable garden in the spring too!

As for news in our family, there's not much going on. Jer's job is great and he's really enjoying it! Ella's saying more 'real' words, but most of what she jabbers sounds French. We also got an '09 Nissan Rogue last night, I'm so excited to have my own car again! I was beginning to feel trapped and anxious, now I can actually run errands or do fun things while the sun is out and I'm feeling alive and awake, as well as have a way to get around in case of emergency.


EBeauty03 said...

The yard looks beautiful Jules! Also, congrats on the car! I've been there before with being "stranded" and it's not fun!

M3MU said...

Wahoooooo! I look forward to seeing this car! :-) so glad things have gone so well. :-)

Kimberlyn said...

Your yard looks awesome!