Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crazy girl

Ella has been a pretty busy little girl lately. Getting into everything, trying to walk around and eat random things, 'helping' me w/the dishes and laundry. Sometimes I wonder what the point of all her toys is when she's more interested in the tupperware!?
The other day when I was feeding her yogurt, she laughed about something and it sprayed all over me. All I could do was laugh because of how worried she looked after she'd done it!
And just yesterday she was super busy while she was supposed to be napping. I went in since she wasn't sleeping to see her blankets on the ground, her pants on top of those, and her diaper nearby. She was just standing there, half naked, with a big, pleased grin on her face. When I went to get her out, she kept dancing around in the wet spot on the fitted sheet. She's so talented and silly! I was a bit frustrated because I was tired, but I laughed about it because what else can you do? Yesterday seemed to have a theme of peeing on things, for the first time in her life she peed between getting her diaper off and getting into the tub, that was pretty funny too.
She gives the best hugs and squeezes tight, it's wonderful. And sometimes she'll give me kisses, which always seem to make her giggle when she's done, it's adorable. I try to soak up every day with her because she's growing up WAY too fast.

This is by no means a complaining post, just an update of how silly Ella is these days.

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Roberts Family said...

She is so cute! They do grow up way to fast!