Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Removal

This isn't a big thing or special in any way, but on Monday, January 21st, the day of the big snow storm I offered to come remove some snow from around Jules' car at work, without her asking (she had mentioned she'd be digging it out when she got off). I don't have a snow shovel and was wondering how I would remove the snow. When I got there I realized I would have to use my ice scraper. While I was scooping snow away I couldn't stop laughing. I've never removed snow with an ice scraper. It kind of sucked doing it, but my ironical laughter kept me going. It's a good ice scraper.


Georgette & David said...

Jules- He's definately a keeper!! I don't think David would do that for me!!

Chris said...

What a good husband. I could see Jer do that. You guys are so cool, I can't wait to go on the cruise

Joanna McGuire said...

That was actually from me,