Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lava Hot Springs

This weekend (well, more like Fri night-Sat morning), we went to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. It was Jules' first time there, and Jer's 3rd.
On the way up we stopped in Logan so Jules could eat at the Fire House Pizzeria, and Jer could reminisce about his good ol' college days. That was fun.

When we got to LHS we checked into our luxurious ghetto motel and got ready to go soak in the springs. The air was freezing cold, so it was a good thing the springs were only about 50 ft from our motel. 
There was a lot of steam coming from them, and the water was wicked hot. Just when you started to get used to the heat, the water temp would go up, it was crazy.
Sadly, it was really busy with kids and college people all over the place, so it was pretty much impossible to find a quiet, romantic corner. Oh well, we had fun anyway.
It was fun to go, but it was so nice to get home. Motels really make you miss your own bed.

Enjoy the pics!

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