Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy July

I haven't blogged in awhile (as is my habit) so thought I'd better remedy that. I'm limited on pics at the moment, but a couple are better than none (which is what this post started with).

We've had a fairly busy July. Jer's been working at ACS, and doing independent contracting on the side for a company called He interviewed with them a bit ago and only offered him the i.c. job, but it was a foot in the door. More on this later.

July 4th weekend we went to Oakley for the rodeo, as usual. We attempted sleeping at the
cabin, but by 1 a.m. it was clear Ella wasn't going to sleep away from home, so we packed up and drove home, arriving around 3 a.m. We were exhausted to say the least. Our mattress was also getting all lumpy and uncomfortable, so we went mattress shopping over this long weekend and found ourselves a lovely bed which I'm in love with. I knew it was *MY* bed from the moment I lay down on it, but of course we had to check around and make sure.

Our yard was finally finished, but they're still tweaking it a bit. Jer mowed our lawn for the first time today, pretty exciting if you ask me.

Jer's family took a trip down to Lake Powell. Because of the whole cabin situation and Ella not sleeping away from home, we opted to stay home and let Jer go (he'd been looking forward to it and we'd missed last year's trip because he was in training for his job). Well, a couple days into the trip he received a phone call and email offering him a FULL TIME position starting asap with where he'd been doing independent contracting!!! Of course he accepted and came home early (yay for me, we'd never been apart that long) so he could go to ACS and quit!! WOOHOO! Major blessing! Jer's adjusting to the new job, but it's so much better for him.
We're all much happier since the change.
While he was in Lake Powell, I had the week off work (because I thought I'd be going too), Ella and I had the car and had some fun. She played at my parents while I went to get my shot, we went to Wheeler Farm, twice. We went to Hogle Zoo
for her first time w/an old H.S. friend and her cute son,
we ran errands and went to the bakery. We kept pretty busy, it was a fun and exhausting week!

The 24th weekend we had a family bbq at Jer's parents (as usual),
but it also brought a lot of anxiety as Jer and I were assigned to speak in sacrament meeting. It was my first time speaking in church since I was a youth speaker over 11 years ago, so I was a bit of a shaky, nervous wreck! But my topic was Roots and Branches (spiritual and ancestral) and Jer's was Our Legacy. Pretty good for the day we spoke on. I told some colonial, pioneer, parental and personal stories, and Jer told about how Ella got her name and making sure we're leaving a good example for the future. I think we did alright, though Jer told me to start with a joke, so I did. I think the only person who laughed was the Bishop, but I didn't get too mortified!

Oooh, and we welcomed a new niece, Jer's sister's family were able to adopt a new beautiful baby, we're so excited to have her in the family. Ella's not the baby of the family anymore, but that's ok!
As for Ella and her shenanigans, she's just getting more and more fun and exhausting! She jabbers like you wouldn't believe! She's got a big personality. Sometimes I look at her and wonder when this little person appeared out of the little baby she used to be. She has 11 teeth, 3 of which are molars. She says shop (shaw), shoes, go, mama, dada (which she usually whispers), lunch/sandwich (cheh), book (keh), and can shake her head 'no' with the best of them. She smiles and giggles all the time too.

Sadly, I'm getting more wisdom teeth in the same place as I had them removed 2 years ago. It's very uncomfortable and frustrating to be 'teething' again!

*Update, I went to the dentist and it's not wisdom teeth! I thought I might be crazy when I found that out! It's from stress and the constant change our mouth bones go through. I guess I need a massage or something!

Hopefully I'll be able to add some pics soon, until then I hope my writing kept you somewhat entertained, I know this was kind of a long post.

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Kateka said...

Wisdom teeth twice?! Holy cow. I am so sorry! Hopefully getting them removed again will be the LAST time. :)