Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm only a month late..

Better late than never, right?
Christmas was a little different this year for us, mostly because of Ella, though I'm sure she didn't know what was going on. Sometimes she was interested in pulling the wrapping paper off the presents, sometimes she just wanted to get moving again (since she started crawling at the beginning of Dec.)
We put the tree up on our old T.V. stand to keep her away from it, as well as the presents. She was pretty good about staying away from it all though.

Some of what we did was:

Have a visit with Auntie Clause (Aunt RaKell) and getting fun presents:

(Ella got a snowsuit, little teddy bear, and wooden ornaments-Thanks Kell!)
We made a gingerbread family:
We went ice skating with the Thornes and Ella got to ride in her cousin's little sled:
Had a Polar Express party in our P.J.s with the Thorne side:
(Playing with Gracie and Kai)

(Crawling with Oliver and Kai on the table after dinner.)

Helped mommy shovel the driveway in the cute snowsuit from Auntie Claus:
Dressed like and elf and got a cute Christmas tutu from Aunt Amy at the Berrett Christmas party:
Went to see Santa at the mall with Aunt Erika and cousin Kai, as well as see him at Aunt Shirley's Christmas party:(She was happy as a clam sitting there with Kai, she was giggling and even tugged on Santa's beard a bit, but when she looked him strait in the face, she lost it. They even had a sequence of pictures of her face clouding up. It was so funny and cute, but sad too. I, of course, rescued her while Kai just chilled, nothing phased him. Hopefully we'll have many more cousin outings as they grow up, it's fun to be out and about with them.)

Got cute boots from cousin Kai in the cousin gift exchange:
Ella got lots of other fun presents: a cute flower picture to hang in her room, cute butterfly and flower stickers to decorate her room with, a curiosity cube toy, and some fun new outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Thorne. From my parents she got a handmade teddy bear with a pocket for a rice bag (you can heat or freeze). From Santa she got some new pajamas and a dolly. From us she got some new clothes and a couple of toys. I think she had a pretty good 1st Christmas, and I know we were pretty happy to finally be able to share our Christmas with a little one.

More about Ella lately: she pulls herself up on pretty much anything she can find. Her 2 bottom teeth finally came in- to stay this time (I never knew teeth could pop up and go back down-talk about torture!) She jabbers and giggles, loves to feed herself her snacks and loves to pinch. She'll be 10 months old tomorrow!!! She's so perfect and so wonderful and I love her SO much, I can't imagine not having her.

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