Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What do YOU want for Christmas?

What's on your Christmas list this year? Seriously, I'm curious-but don't expect that we'll be getting the things on your list for you, and we won't expect the same in return.

Our list this year includes a lot of stuff, so I'll shorten it to the MAJOR things we REALLY want.

A Kitchen Aid standing mixer -I don't care what color, as long as it's not ugly(Jules)
A Telescope -one of the less expensive ones (Jer)
A Sewing Machine- a simple inexpensive, multi purpose one (both of us)
Misc. movies (both)
Misc. games (both)
Money (both)
World Peace, etc.
and last, and what I want more than anything else,
A baby
It's possible you could help us out with that last one, if you don't mind praying for us.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and stay busy and happy with close friends and family!

Now that I've decorated/updated my blog, I need to do the same to our house!


Lara said...

Unfortunately I can't help you with any of them.. but for that last one.. all I can say is that I totally know how you feel. Just know that this experience will make you such a good mom when the time comes (which I'm sure is just around the corner- it just stinks to high heaven not knowing when that corner is going to come.) You will love your baby more than life itself and the journey of motherhood will be so much sweeter. You won't take the time with them for granted, and you will be able to see through the hard parts of it. You will be an awesome mom, Jules. Honest. And it'll come. I can't tell you how many times I heard that and hated it, and here I am doing the same. And someday you'll do the same for someone else walking in your shoes!

Ashley and Matt said...

That's a nice list. I could use a few of those things myself. I want you to know that I'll pray for you.

Kimberlyn said...

Looks like a good list to me. They had some great deals on kitchen aid mixers on black friday, too bad I didn't know or I could have told you. You'll be in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I think about almost everyday hoping to hear that you are expecting. I just wanted to let you know that. I will talk to you later.

Logan and Emily said...

love the new blog. and I will add the kitchen aid to my continued prayers for you! Can't wait to see you SOON!