Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Super Sale!

I forgot to write about the AMAZING sale Joanna and I found on Sat. while in St. George. 
While the boys were being boring sitting on their computers, we decided to go to the shopping area and see what we could find. 
Old Navy had screen tees and flip flops for $5, so we definitely couldn't pass that up! 
We saw some dude on the corner with a sign saying "SHADE Sale up to 75% off", so we of course had to check that out too. We went inside the store and there was a sign that said "Everything $8 or 4 for $20", I was like...ok I'll get a couple of things. As Joanna and I were sorting through everything, a lady ran around letting everyone know that they were going to close soon and didn't want to pack all the left overs up, so now EVERYTHING in the store is just $3!!! Holy cow, what do I get, and how much is too much for me? Will I even wear some of this stuff? Who cares, it's 3 bucks!
After our shopping spree, I ended spending (combined Old Navy and Shade) about $51. I got 3 shirts and metallic flip-flops from Old Navy, and 10 shirts from Shade. Not a bad haul for that much money. I got v-necks, cap sleeved, long sleeve, and long sleeve mushroom tops at Shade. The fabric probably cost more than what I paid for that stuff!
Anyways, I don't shop a whole lot, so I was pretty excited, and I just had to share.


Adiel said...

Thats awesome Jules!

Joanna said...

That was such an awesome sale, we couldn't pass it up. I am glad we went and did that or else we would have missed out.

Logan and Emily said...

dang! that's amazing! I would kill for some shade tops...actually any tops. Not a thing in my pre-pregnancy closet fits. boo.

Lee and Marie said...

Jealous! Last month Shade did a big sale thing at Provo High and I went and got a few... I love Shade! The pictures of your "battle wounds" look awful! I hope you are doing better :) Your blog is totally cute :D Happy Friday! Marie